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Sell ​​your car

If you want to sell your car with complete peace of mind, at Wannauto we are willing to help you

Are you willing to sell your car?
The time has come for your old fella and you do not even know where to start? Never mind, because our Wannauto Agents are there to take care of everything.

Get to know our assurance services for buyers

At Wannauto, you can select added value services to complete your purchase.

Rest assured and comfortable while we take care of everything.

Mechanical warranty

We assure the functionality of your car avoiding unforeseen events and technical failures.

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Vehicle technical report

We assess the actual condition of the vehicle through an inspection carried out by an independent expert.

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Start the sale process
and save time and concerns

The best professionals at your service

For your peace of mind, our Wannauto Agents will guide you throughout the
sale process in addition to offering you the following services:

We offer you a technical assessment of the vehicle.

We put all the means in place (web, app, professionals, etc.), so that you can close the deal and sell your car.

We manage calls, messages, emails and visits from buyers and sellers.

Thanks to our suppliers, we offer you the best prices to engage:

  • Mechanical warranty
  • Vehicle status technical report
  • Financing
  • Car insurance

And as always, we take care of all the steps.

We offer you a technical assessment of the vehicle.

We put all the means in place (web, app, professionals, etc.), so that you can close the deal and sell your car.

Wannauto Pay,
our secure payment assurance

We work for to you to make payments with confidence. With Wannauto Pay your money will always be in good and trustworthy hands.

Wannauto Pay works thanks to a secure payment platform that secures the transaction avoiding fraud and misunderstanding. Before payment, both parts and the vehicle are verified.

In addition, your funds are guaranteed by the Bank of Spain in an escrow account of our bank partner.

This system is the solution to guarantee secure transactions and contract compliance between both parties. The money is deposited waiting to confirm that everything has gone as expected.

In the event that the buyer has not received the vehicle with the agreed conditions, the money will be returned 100% and without added costs. On the other hand, if you want to reverse the signed agreement, a small management fee will apply.

With Wannauto Pay, last minute changes are avoided. Once the amount agreed by both parties is deposited, it is blocked in the escrow account.

The release of funds to the seller's account is not made until the buyer receipts the car and both, buyer and seller confirm that everything is in order. Wannauto Pay provides protection for both buyers and sellers.

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